Interesting article about the Foreclosure Tour Bus. A couple of local Realtors Pat Teeley and Jeff Reiter are helping people make lemonade out of the many lemons on the market.


Should be interesting the next 12-18 months to see what happens with the South East Michigan Home market and when it will start to rebound. Many people have needed to do some creative financing and selling to get out of their house.


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I post today for all you Landlords out there. I encourage all of you to contact a lawyer and make sure when you have a new tenant that you follow the procedures under Michigan's Deposit Recovery Act.

There are a certain amount of things you must do at the outset of the lease so that you can keep the deposit if you are not paid rent and or there is damage done to the property. Not following the proper requirements you could waive your right to the deposit or have to pay damages to the tenant for violations.

As part of you small business inner circle find a good attorney who can help make sure you are following all the requirements under Michigan Landlord Tenant Statute.


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