I have a client who had an extremely good and growing extremely fast small-business that needed some influx of capital. The client's accountant and business consultant proposed a complicated "scheme" where people would infuse capital to help the growth of the business and receive a percentage ownership.

However the agreement was not in writing and thing went array and now the client is on the verge of financial collapse and being sued by vendors left and right. Becarfull who you trust because in less than a year everything you have worked hard could be gone.

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Please save yourself some aggravation and ultimately money and answer letters from courts and especially lawyers.

I have a client who was going through some marital issues and him and his wife ignored letters from the Prosecuting Attorney and the other side ultimately exaggerated his income and he is paying almost 3 times what he should in child support.

In another case of mine, the Defendant failed to respond to my client's phone calls and a letter from my office trying to resolve the issue. Once being served with the complaint he did exactly what we wanted him to do in the beginning but now we are in litigation and it costs him money and my client wasted money.


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