Several Michigan newspapers have had articles dealing with South East Michigan's high level of foreclosures. The truly great investors can fine a bull market anywhere and are taking advantage of the market too make money.

If you are investor you need to get a good Accountant and have an Attorney you trust to help your businesses be successful and grow. Make sure that you have your Attorney draft your buy-sell agreements and or leases so that you will protect your interest if the deal goes bad.

The market in SE Michigan gives investors the ability to use Land Sale Contracts to help secure financing. Take the opportunity in this area to make lemonade out of the lemons.

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I recently got a call from a business woman who had entered into a lease of a salon that was too big for her business. Apparently she had a business associate who agreed to sub-lease the other half of the building.

Well 2 months into the 3 year lease the business associate packed up and moved leaving her partner with too much space and not enough revenue to cover the lease. The two associates never had any agreement amongst themselves so this poor lady once again learns the hard way.

My number one rule of business is put all agreements in writing and sign them. You will be glad that you did.

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