Some couples, because of the laws in Michigan dealing with Homosexuality, must hire an attorney to help them take care of their partners. Using a Will, Trust or Joint Tenancy you can get around the laws of Michigan and provide for your partner upon your death.

Powers of Attorney and Patient Advocates can help you make the tough decisions when your partner is incapacitated in the Hospital. Many Hospitals still allow only family members to visit but if there is a Patient Advocate you would be able to visit your partner in the Hospital.

Unfortuantely in Michigan Homosexual couples need to use Estate Planning to prepare for things that married people don't have to . You should contact an attorney and have the attorney draft up the proper documents to protect your long relationship.


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With the current economy in Michigan and the constant layoffs and downsizing it is important to remember Michigan's law against retroactive modification of support. In Michigan, if you file a motion to modify spousal or child support and you receive a reduction it only goes back to the date in which you filed your motion.

To sum it up if you are laid-off you should file a motion to change the next day in order to "lock in" the change date.


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