Is it legal to be a surrogate mother in Michigan?

Nope, the contract in fact is unenforceable as it is against public policy.

Also it is a Crime to participate in this kind of arrangement.

MCL 722.857 Surrogate parentage contract prohibited; surrogate parentage contract as felony; penalty.

Sec. 7.
(1) A person shall not enter into, induce, arrange, procure, or otherwise assist in the formation of a surrogate parentage contract under which an unemancipated minor female or a female diagnosed as being mentally retarded or as having a mental illness or developmental disability is the surrogate mother or surrogate carrier.
(2) A person other than an unemancipated minor female or a female diagnosed as being mentally retarded or as having a mental illness or developmental disability who enters into, induces, arranges, procures, or otherwise assists in the formation of a contract described in subsection (1) is guilty of a felony punishable by a fine of not more than $50,000.00 or imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or both.

Michigan is one of the states with a strict view against surrogacy.


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A couple of great articles discussing a new trend in South East Michigan of people taking buy outs from their current employers and using them to start new businesses.

Two things anyone starting a business or a franchise is a good accountant and a good attorney. Many of these franchises have complex contracts that you should have your attorney take a look at and advise you about. Also you should have your attorney draw up contracts for your purchases from vendors and services from other businesses.






As a Small Business owner you know the value of finding good talent and keeping that talent. One thing you need to watch out for especially in a company which is driven on sales, is your young hot shot talent using your trust against you.

I have seen in the past where a top sales guy leaves the company either voluntarily or involuntarily only to start a brand new company. Then uses his or her experience gained from you to take your employees, customer, and ultimately the business you worked hard to start.

Make sure you have you attorney draw up a good employment agreement and do not rely on at-will Michigan employment law because there is no non-compete without a contract.

A reasonable non-compete clause can help protect you from a pirate who takes your business right out from under you once they leave.