You should spend money wisely by contacting a lawyer to help you.

If you have partners it is extremely important that you have a Buy Sell Agreement in place for a couple of reasons. One, you and your partners may have a following out and its important that there be an exit strategy in place to avoid litigation. Two, if one of the partners dies or becomes incapacitated its important to have in place a way of dealing with that. You also may want to have in place the mechanisms for adding new partners or shareholders.

If your new entity is a solo ownership you still may want help negotiating lease agreements and drafting contracts the benefit and protect you. If you are selling on credit, contacting a good attorney will help you draft credit applications not only to identify people with good credit but also to have proper information for when you need to collect against a delinquent account.

These fees are also tax deductible as business expenses so make the investment and protect your new entity.




For the past two years there has been an exciting alternative to the drag out, neither side wins, way of getting a divorce in Michigan.

Collaborative Law brings together 3 different professions (Attorneys, Financial Planners, and Mental Health Professionals) to offer a non-litigation process to divorce. All the professionals involved have been trained in the Collaborative Process.

Each side has an attorney who sign an agreement stating that if either side drops out of the process to pursue litigation then both sides will terminate their representation. Both sides work together to produce a settlement that is fair to both sides.

By the time the complaint for divorce is filed there is already a settlement.

To find a collaborative Professional in your area or for more information go to this website



Hiring an attorney to pursue an unpaid debt can help you get paid. Filing a complaint and getting a judgment opens a whole bag of tricks to get your money.

1) you can levy on the debtor's property and sell at a sheriff's auction and recieve your money

2) garnish a debtor's bank account or wages from his employer.

Many attorneys will take these cases on a contigency fee, meaning they only recieve a percentage of money collected. The attorney only gets paid if you get paid so its worth the shot if you have exhausted all your efforts.



It seems in a lot of failing marriages one side usually uses the threat of divorce to gain control over the other side.

Husbands (usually) will threaten the wives with something like the following....

"I am going to divorce you and take the kids, the house, and leave you on the street!!!""

This is a great example of power plays and verbal abuse. I have been discussing with a potential new client something similar to this scenario, her Husband makes great money (well into the six figures) she has never worked, they have 3 kids and been married for 11 years.

His threats are contrary to the law in Michigan. Talking to her I have been able to ease her fears and even given her estimates based on guidelines for child support and potential spousal support. Now the ball is in her court and she can initiate the divorce on him.

My advice is talk to a few lawyers (most offer free consultations) get a feel for them and allow them to answer your questions and put your fears at ease.

Then you can take control of the situation and if its right for you and even the children you can initiate the action.